Lucaniae brings at your table a unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil needs high quality olives, cold pressing process, and most important: passion.

The olives fruits come exclusively from our own fields in South Italy (Basilicata), grown with natural methods, harvested by us and pressed the very same day of harversting (to reduce oxidation and moisture build up).

Sustainability is present in each step of our production and distribution process.

We do not use pesticides and other chemical products, as we believe the best we can do is to maintain healthy trees, regularly pruned and regularly cleaned. This however means that our production may fluctuate every year, but its quality is always at the top.

The oil is an early harvest, meaning that the olives are harvested in early November (while the harvest season in the region spans from November until January). This provides less quantity, but an excellent quality of extra virgin oil.

It is a mild oil, good for condiments.

When just pressed it may have a slight spicy taste, which will fade off within few weeks, when the oil will get its golden colour.

This is not enough. Once produced a quality oil needs to be handled properly to avoid its degradation and oxidation. We take care also of this.

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  • Our Fields. Our Trees. Our Olives.

    See where, how and when we produce your extra virgin olive oil

  • Natural Methods

    We are the first consumers of our product. We make sure that only organic and sustainable methods are followed.

  • olive oild first pressed

    Cold Pressed within few hours from harvest

    The exposure to the air of the oil is reduced to the minimum to reduce oxidation phenomena and guarantee a superb product.

    Only pressed by our trusted mill, Frantoio Claps srl, following the most up to date process and technologies.

  • taste Lucaniae's extra virgin olive oil. Follow our recipies

    Delivered to your home

    Simple website and secure transactions. We try where possible to deliver ourselves your product, as a wrong shipment can affect the quality of the oil.

    Local deliveries exclusively by bike or at most by Electric Vehicles, to reduce the CO2 footprint of our business.

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