Who we are

The History

Our family has owned olive trees fields in South Italy since many generations. 

Historically the production was addressing mainly our own consumption needs; however, over the years it increased substantially to cover a growing demand for the high quality extra virgin olive oil. 

Until recently, our customers, spread across Europe, were part of a relatively large network based on acquaintance.  

We listened to our Customers' demands and finally established the Lucaniae webshop business to bring these products to a broader audience with the help of the latest web technologies, search engines and advertisement channels.


The webshop team

 Vincenzo He is an aerospace engineer, with the passion for olives and extra virgin olive oil. He lives in Leiden, The Netherlands, where he runs the Company behind the online shop, takes care of the technicalities and of the supply & delivery chain management as well as marketing campaigns


Our green imprint: we aim to minimize the environmental footprint of our business. All our local deliveries, wherever possible, are done via bike or electric vehicles, naturally charged by 100% renewable sources. 

Our packaging tends to be minimalist, with little to no plastic content. We try to use where possible recyclable materials.

Lucaniae.com operates under the Messina Innovations Company, registered in the Netherlands (KvK: 78202108, VAT Nr: NL003299730B23).


The Oil mill: Oleificio Claps

The Claps family branch has been active in the production and distribution of extra virgin olive oil since four generations. It supplies the end product to our various dispatch locations across Europe. 

The factory was founded by Giuseppe De Petrocellis, a surgeon.
Mario Claps, an engineer, took over the business from his stepfather
Mario, who then passed it to his son, Francesco, an agronomist.
Nowadays the Company is run by Francesco's son, Mario Claps, assisted by his father. 

The Claps' fields as well as the large oil mill, are located on the hills of Missanello (Basilicata, South Italy), at about 600 mt altitude.

Claps' long experience couples with organic methods make sure you can get the best biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil.



About the Oil

The typical variety of the area is Maiatica, which has a relatively higher presence of fructose in its drupe, providing a good fruity flavor to the end product.

Our trees enjoy ideal exposure characteristics all over the years on the Basilicata's hills around Missanello town.

The fruits are naturally harvested between early November and not later than end of December and then make it to the factory in the freshest state possible, where they get cold pressed and turned into Extra virgin olive oil within few hours. This process guarantees excellent organoleptic qualities to the oil. .

Additionally, the Maiatica variety has a high productivity and is highly appreciated for the preparation of dried black olives as well. 

We are the first consumers of our extra virgin olive oil, thus we care that the best quality and organic standards are respected. 


Future Activities

  1. Become more sustainability with
  • sustainable packaging: less plastic, more recyclable materials.
  • recycling: return, process and refill bottles and cans after their use.
  • Expand products offer over time: 
  • more olive oil products, formats, tastes. 
  • more biological products, produced by our farms (cheese products, meat products, etc.). 


Are you interested in visiting our fields and joining our harvesting season? Contact us, we would be happy to host you!


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