olives harvesting campaign November 2020 in Basilicata, Italy (San Martino d'Agri)

2020 harvest products are now available on our webshop. More challanging than usual, but a total success!

Back in late October we started our journey to return to our fields for the harvesting season. 

Not easy in a pandemia. We decided to cross Europe by car. 

 The work started with preparing the ground for the harvesting on November 2nd, which basically means to trim the grass to facilitate the placement of the large and heavy nets (up to 10mx10m). 

Also, COVID also meant less people that could help, so this was a very exausting harvesting :)

After 2.5 half days we started the pressing of our olives (in one batch) at the Claps olive mill, some 15 km away from our fields. 

Below some picture taken during the processing (3-4 hours cycle to finally get a pure 0.2% acid Extra Virgin Olive Oil, extremely tasty - note, a pure EVO is characterized by acidity less than 0.8%...)





After testing, the product has been stored in stainless steel containers and shipped to the bottling and labelling stations, then delivered to our Dispatch locations (San Martino d'Agri in Italy, Leiden in the Netherlands). 


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